The Messages below were given in April & May of 2012 by Pastor Orlie Trier of Christ Community Church. Pastor Trier served for several years as the senior pastor of Christ Community until Pastor Eli Thomas accepted the call to serve as pastor.

Worship is foundational for the Christian but in our fallen egocentric world we often fail to genuinely enter worship, certainly in our daily life, but even in our public services when we claim to gather to worship. I had a thought provoking moment a few years ago. A member of the congregation I was serving came to me and said; "I didn't get anything out of the worship service today." Almost immediately I said; "That's OK, we weren't here to worship you." According to the Scripture (for example Psalm 100 and Psalm 150) we are to give praise and thanks to Him, to bless His name. Worship isn't about us! It is also true, however, that when we genuinely worhsip him there is a blessing that comes back upon us much like the woman who annointed Jesus with the expensive perfume (Matt 26:7-13). She didn't do it to in order to get this expensive ointment on herself, but when she annointed Jesus the fragrance was all over her as well.

When we allow our focus to become selfish and egocentric we miss both genuine worship of God and the experience of being in His presence that pours out blessings upon us.

Bob Goldsby

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