First Rest, Then Victory
Joshua For Today

"First Rest—Then Victory definitely increases one's understanding of the meaning, message, and relevance of the book of Joshua. It is so practical that the reader will find it useful as a personal devotion, but above all, it makes the reader think. And it could be one of the things that helps the reader experience the "success" God promised to Joshua."

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First Rest, Then Victory — Joshua For Today 
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Table Of Contents

Title Page Dedication Front Matter Introduction
Joshua 1 Formula For Success
Obeying Joshua Obeying God
Joshua 14 How Do You Get Like That?
Shining in the Midst
Joshua 2 Traitors and Prostitutes First
Seeing What God Sees
Joshua 15 A Lot For Profit
Character Is By Choice
Joshua 3 Follow the Ark
Whatever Became Of The Ark?
Joshua 16 Kill the Canaanites!
Judgement Is Sweet
Joshua 4 Stones Are for Remembering
Don't Idolize the Memorial
Joshua 17 Victory Is Volitional
Utterly Drive Them Out
Joshua 5 Meet Me at Gilgal
Asking The Wrong Question
Joshua 18 The God Who Waits
Casting Lots Before The Lord
Joshua 6 The Gift of Jericho
Jericho Saints Shout First
Joshua 19 Decide at Shiloh
According to the Word of the Lord
Joshua 7 When God Is Not There Anymore
The Good Valley of Trouble
Joshua 20 Cities for Revelation
Cities for Safety
Joshua 8 Pattern for Victory
Therefore Choose Life
Joshua 21 No Inheritance in the Land
Rest Round About
Joshua 9 Dangerous Authority
The Gibeon Model
Joshua 22 One Altar, One Tent
If Thy Brother Shall Trespass
Joshua 10 Best Help For the Worst People
Rest Assured
Joshua 23 Hold Your Ground
Dependent Maturity
Joshua 11 Don't Choke on Joshua 11:20
Shall Not The Judge Do Right?
Joshua 24 Man Cannot Serve God
What A Model
Joshua 12 Philosophy or History
God is Greater Than History
Finally Three Kinds Of People
Joshua 13 Is the Bible Contradictory?
A Greater Inheritance
End notes Also Accessible from inside each chapter.

Last Updated: 15 March 2004
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