A Very Present Help: Psalms For Today

When they are in trouble, more people turn to the Book of Psalms than to any other part of the Bible. And not just for consolation, but for insight and guidance. It is a wealth of wisdom for the meek and hungry.

Written more than 3,000 years ago, the Psalms are as current as our daily newspaper, and as timeless as God Himself. They are His very word to us, both individually and corporately.

Some people may be intimidated by what they suppose is a collection of archaic and irrelevant--and, therefore, obscure--writings. No assumtion could be further from reality. What has been said of the entire Bible may be said most particularly of this Wisdom Literature: It is not so much a difficult book as it is an inexhaustible book. The more often you read it, the more fully you plumb its contents, the more it yields its treasure to you.

But you must read it "on your knees." It hides itself from "the wise and prudent," and has no truck whatever with the wisdom of this world. Again, like the whole of Scripture, it is not addressed to proud "scribes and pharisees," but to believers! Obedient believers.

And now, just a note about the character of these 150 articles. They are not intended to be a formal commentary on the Psalms (I am not a scholar). They are rather devotional applications, one man's attempt to demonstrate that the Book of Psalms is not only "for the ages," but for today.

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