Creekside Estates Bible Study

Worship, Bible Study and Prayer

I am blessed and honored to lead a weekly Bible study on Monday morning at Creekside Estates, Vancouver, WA. The people who come include both residents in our community and some who live outside the community and are members of many different Christian congregations. We begin at 10:00am and close about 11:45. Our time includes worship, Bible study and prayer.
Below are the audio records of our latest study of the book of Jude, a short but very pertinent study for our time. The Scriptures and topics covered are listed weekly.

A Study of the Book of Jude

These recordings are of a class of 15 to 20+ people and questions and comments are welcome. Not everyone is close to the microphone so some of the questions and comments were not clear and were removed. All are welcome to listen and your feedback is welcome.

Audio Files of the Bible Study of Jude

Study Notes from Other Scriptures
Lesson #1 January 6, 2017, Intro and Jude 1-13
  • Salutation;
  • Contend for the Faith;
  • Judgement Upon Ungodly;
  • False Teachers;

  • Lesson #2 January 13, 2017
  • Prophecy of Judgment
  • Admonition To Be Faithful
  • Obligations Toward The Erring
  • Benediction