The Subject of the Trinity

I recently received a phone call from someone who had visited this WEB site. He said he had a question for me. As soon as he began I had one of those red flag moments. Was this really a question or was it an attempt to convert me? It turned out that he really wanted to challenge me on the subject of the trinity and it became obvious that he holds the view of the Jehovah Witness community. He was an educated man who was familiar with the original languages and was able to discuss, quite well and probably convincingly, to those who don't know the doctrinal basis for the trinity. We talked for a short time. It had been years since I had debated this subject and, frankly, found it difficult to recall the passages and grammatical arguments needed to answer his arguments. As those details began coming back to mind I shared them, especially about the Greek structure in John 1:1, he accused me of "making it up". At that point I hung up on him. He called back and left a message (giving me his email) stating that I had made up the point about the Greek.

As I thought about the conversation I thought there might be others who would benefit from a brief presentation of the Biblical truths that brought the Church to the position popularly called "The Trinity". I am not posting this to encourage debate. I've researched this for years and I have studied the positions of some of the best scholars. I will not be changing from the Trinitarian view.

I have pulled together a PDF file that you can open and, if you wish, save to your computer. You can open it clicking here: Trinity

I also located a web site called "Desiring God" with information from John Piper. They have an article on the trinity which you can access here: on Trinity